Market Place 2.0 – Part 2

Presenting the idea in class enabled us to review the process we went through in developing our new market space.

During our investigation stage we visited the market on only one occasion. Although this provided us with a snapshot of the market area, it only gave us a sense of the users of the market at that particular time on that particular day. On other days the design of the market changes and in order to redesign the market space, the way it changes and adapts daily already must be considered.

We also realised that in talking to people we must be wary of leading questions, allowing them to direct the path of the conversation. By asking specific questions with emotional notions attached to them. E.g. Does it annoy you that you have to use cash to pay for your lemonade ? You influence there response as they may not have considered how they felt about the use of cash at the market. Observation of natural behaviour is the key.

Finally we identified that we should have focused on one particular area; instead of trying to solve three problems shallowly, to engage fully in one area. This would have allowed us time to think specifically about the user’s needs or the vendors needs and identify a set problem.

As our first team task we learnt a lot about the process we should follow and the way we should engage with people in order to establish a connection and identify an issue.


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