The Product Itself

After debating over which ideas to take forward and a pretty dramatic pivot we finally settled on creating Runeys; The safe, comfortable and fashionable way to carry your keys while running.

We realised that every way of carrying your keys while running had a flaw. Some runners choose undo their laces and tie the keys inside, although this keeps the keys secure their is a lot of movement which causes irritation for the runner. Nike Running Wallet already exists, however the material and size of the wallet make it both uncomfortable to run with and aesthetically ugly. A series of belts, bands, sports bras and gloves with a hidden pocket have all been designed to hold a key while the user runs. However these alternatives have been reviewed as moving to much, being uncomfortable for long distances, causing particular areas against the skin to get hot and irritated and being useless during warmer months e.g. the glove version. Other alternatives include leaving the keys under a plant or car but individuals were left worrying about the security of their house, hindering the enjoyment of their run. Runeys provides an all year round solution which has no contact with the users skin, reduces the movement of the keys, is aesthetically pleasing and secure.

We identified three key problems we needed to solve. Firstly having to carry keys while running can cause irritation from the keys because of movement or uncomfortable placement. Secondly if the user doesn’t carry the keys they have no safe place to put the keys raising issues with security. The user wants to be able to go running without worrying about the security of their house or valuables. Thirdly the user wants the product they carry their keys in to look cool and be aesthetically pleasing.

Using this information we began to design and shape a product which solves all three problems, enabling the user to have a worry free run. Runeys consists of a silicon curved shape no bigger than the size of a credit card which can easily be attached to the lace holes of running shoes or walking boots through the use of small clips. The use of a series of attachments down the entire pocket means it is held securely in place and will not bounce around. The product is easily attachable and detachable, when the user no longer wants it on their shoe it takes only a few seconds to remove. The use of silicon material allows it to be durable, washable, compact and light weight. This means that the product can be used multiple times, easily cleaned and that it doesn’t interfere with the running pattern of the user.


It’s main benefits are its practicality and the ability for the runner relax and feel free of any worries about the safety and security of their keys, hence the slogan No Worries.



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