Product Development Day; Part Two

Though our series of experiments we found that;

  • Adding colourant effects the drying time, making it shorter than if left transparent.
  • Only a small amount of colour is needed to make a large change in appearance.
  • How it appears when it is first poured is near exactly how it will appear once it finished drying.
  • Vaseline is needed to remove the wood from inside the silicone else it just sicks to the product.
  • The shape is more clear and defined if the silicone is placed inside the pre determined shape instead of being cut from a larger sheet of dry silicone.
  • The opening for the pouch is stronger and more defined if it is pre established by the placement of a small strip of wood connected to the base wooden sheet (designed to create the pocket).
  • A series of 4 wooden dowels, structurally attached together and placed in the plastic molding surface pre-silicone pouring will create defined clear holes in the pouch, enabling the pouch to easily be attached to a shoe.
  • The base can not be to thick as it becomes heavier and less flexible.
  • It is important to push the wood down into the second layer of the silicone once poured else it sits on top and can make the second layer to thin and breakable.
  • The creation of one product takes 23 hours but multiple products can be created during a single 23 hour session by using a series of plastic moulds.


In establishing that it is possible to create the product and that multiple ones can be created at once we’re now in a position to start making in preparation for the first trade fair.


While developing the prototypes i came across Zach Kaplan’s Tedx videos on the development of materials and how unconventional materials can be used for new products. He specifically explores the properties of materials;

Design Thinking: Understand – Improve – Apply, Hasso Plattner, Christoph Meinel, Larry Leifer, 2010

Design Thinking: Research and Practice,  Walter Brenner, Falk Uebernickel, 2016




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