A Complete Redesign

Our teams effort takes the pivot idea to a new extreme. After toying with the idea of completely scrapping our original concept we asked for advice and were told this was a horrible idea. However something needed to change. At the time we had a legitimate product idea but our design wasn’t functional. Over the course of a week and a half we changed the name of our product, its logo, the material we were using for the products creation, established contact and struck a deal with a manufacturer, redesigned, refined and printed our packaging and business cards, developed our entire brand, established a social media presence on twitter and Instagram and made our first sale.

On Wednesday 8th Feb we officially launched our product, Runeasy, and became active on the social media sites. Below the product and the packaging are photographed.


The lessons on team work through our collaborating creativity module really aided in changing how we decided to work as a team. We realised there was a lot of talking and minimal action but now we are up and running and have set ourselves targets for selling. The experience taught me to be flexible and persevere even when it seems like there is no way you’re going to turn it around.

The social media session for our design thinking module made us access our online presence highlighting the importance of being selective in which sites we choose to have a presence. We are now looking to extend our online presence beyond traditional social media sites and towards running specific communities e.g. therunningbug.com. A social site for runners to share events, gear, opinions and fitness plans, it is the perfect social platform to not only promote the product but engage with our target audience on a more personal level. Our presence here is less about forceful selling tactics and more about creating brand awareness and showing that were actually interested in running as an activity and the people who are involved in this community. Online developments such as this one are in the process but not yet up and running.

Overall the changes forced us to focus more on the product and prioritise its development, now this motivation just needs to continue while we manufacture and sell.


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